The purpose of my site is to introduce myself and some of my recent books, especially those that are currently available. I began my writing career with romance and romantic suspense, so my older books are in those genres. However I've recently begun to write  mystery novels (my favorite genre to read) so my newer books are straight mystery, cozy mystery, or romantic suspense.

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mMy Latest Books

Published by Camel Press, 2015

Toni Abbott, a TV soap actress who was posing for him at the time, becomes a suspect when photographer Craig Landis is shot to death. Either a fall, or the sudden shock, cause temporary amnesia, blocking her memory. Did Toni witness the murder or was the fatal bullet meant for her instead? Either way, she's in jeopardy now.

There are plenty of suspects: a jealous wife, a pregnant mistress, a disgruntled partner, even a former prison inmate. Or did Toni's popularity on the soap opera provide motives for an aging actress, fearful of losing her job, or the director who's under pressure to eliminate Toni from the show?

Tony consults an attorney and they work to solve the puzzle. But not before her life is threatened twice more and she finds another dead body. Will her memory return in time to escape a final attempt to kill her?

Available from Camel Press, or at

Dead in the Water
Published by Gemma Halliday Publishing, 2015

Feeling at loose ends after her recent divorce, dedicated chocoholic Olivia Grant decides to visit relatives in jolly old England. Only things are anything but inviting when, upon arrival, Olivia stumbles on the dead body of her uncle's much-younger widow floating in the lily pond. The police's theory: the victim had been drinking and fell in the pond while out walking her dog. But, if that's true, Olivia wonders how the dog got back in the house.

Much to the chagrin of her eccentric British relatives, Olivia tries her hand at amateur sleuthing. Hey, if Kinsey Milhone can do it, so can she. What Olivia didn't count on was a family member with a secret worth blackmailing over, a trip to a home for aging criminals, and the appearance of a mysterious Mr. X. When another dead body falls at Olivia's feet, she knows she's closing in on the killer...but will she catch him before he catches her?

Available from Gemma Halliday Publishing, or at

HOLMES and HOLMES, a new series
by P. J. Humphrey
Published 2015

A study in Amber
Book one in the series

The first book in a series of novellas, Holmes and Holmes, A Study in Amber tells how, in the early 21st century, the ghost of Sherlock Holmes mysteriously turns up in the San Francisco apartment of a young woman, Sheridan (Sherry) Holmes who has hopes of becoming a private eye herself. His sudden appearance in the old Victorian doesn't shock her that much, since Sherry's adoptive mother, a B-actress in Hollywood, named her and told her she was a descendant of the fictional detective. But can she solve crimes as he did in the 19th century?

She wants to prove she has his skills, so she accepts his challenge to solve a murder in the very neighborhood where she lives. Since, as a ghost, Holmes can't go with her, she recruits Mark Watson, the young handyman who maintains some of the old Victorians in the neighborhood. Trying to learn the truth results in their uncovering a previous murder and a dangerous encounter with the killer.

The Sign of Five
Book two in the series

Sheridan (Sherry) Holmes lives in a flat in an old San Francisco Victorian owned by her grandmother, Tessa Reynolds, an author and teacher of romance novel writing. After Sherry posts a sign in the foyer that she does private investigations, Tessa brings a student, Carmen Abbott, to see her.

The young woman has received a promise of a large inheritance from her recently deceased father, who disappeared thirty years before. Carmen - along with Sherry, Tessa and Mark Watson - learn that Abbott and his four friends had made a fortune by card-counting at Blackjack in Las Vegas casinos. Trapped by a lie, they spent 20 years in jail but are now gathered to recover the money they'd hidden and share it. But one of the five had decided to keep it all for himself, leading to a desperate hunt for the thief, the help of a tar-sniffing dog, and a speedboat chase across San Francisco Bay. What happened to the money which included Carmen's inheritance? And to Carmen herself?

The Red Herring
Book Three in the series

Mark Watson tells Sherry and Holmes about a pawnbroker named Goodnight who gets paid $200 an hour to do nothing but work crossword puzzles. Surprised about such a strange job, they interview Goodnight and learn he got the job at his assistant's urging due to his having red hair.

Hearing this, Homes insists there must be a crime involved. Sherry and Watson follow the assistant to learn more. When the clues lead to an expensive jewelry store on the street behind the pawnshop, both Tessa and Sherry's actress mother, Fenella, get involved. Then Goodnight loses his cushy job, so time must be running out. Now Sherry and Watson must attempt to stop a jewelry heist that even the police have abandoned.