I was born Phyllis Jean Ashworth in Oak Park, Illinois, went to J. Sterling Morton High School and, briefly, to Northwestern. I got married and divorced and had three children before moving to California where I met my present husband and his four children. We look forward to some day celebrating our 50th anniversary.

As a child, I read everything I could get my hands on and knew at an early age that I wanted to be a writer. Although I had written for my high school and college newspapers, and even sent short stories to national magazines, I didn’t get serious about my career until we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and I took a writing class. That resulted in my first short story sale and, afterward I joined a group who were writing romance novels. My first novel was sold in 1984.

Since then I’ve continued writing and selling my books, and I joined writing groups when we moved to San Diego and to our present location in Palm Desert. I started a writers club in this community and am a member of Romance Writers of America and their Mystery/Suspense chapter. My Book List shows the novels I’ve had published, and the Awards section lists some awards I’ve been given. I have also ghost-written three books and had two radio scripts performed by American Radio Theatre. I have been on radio and television to promote my books, as well as signings at book fairs.

My hobby is acting and singing, and these days I often write skits and one-act plays for the Repertory Players and can sometimes be seen in a musical production by the Performing Arts Club. Finally, I’m a member of Mensa and am listed in Who’s Who in American Women.


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