My usual genre is romance novels and romantic suspense But here are all of my published books including Wall Street On $20 A Month, a non-fiction guide to investment clubs. I also have written under my maiden name of Phyll Ashworth and I've included those books here, too.

Finding Amy
Romantic Suspense
Published 2014

When SABRINA GILMORE attends the funeral of her grandfather in England, she learns Gilmore Manor is in foreclosure, and her inheritance is only an old trunk containing her former doll, Amy. However, Amy's cloth body now conceals a valuable jeweled necklace.

But someone else knows about the necklace and is intent on getting it. Sabrina's rooms are trashed, she's followed and finally kidnapped, the doll stolen. She escapes, but she and handsome history scholar HUGH PENDLETON must become sleuths in an attempt to recover Amy and the necklace.

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The Italian Job
Published 2014

SYDNEY COOKE, a California magazine writer assigned to describe a ten-day tour of Italy, meets TAYLOR MITCHELL on the flight to Rome. They click, but sometimes he’s mysterious. Just her luck if an eligible man has skeletons in his closet. Then a false accusation, plus a problem from his past, forces Taylor to leave the tour. Can Sydney find him and--in her unique, resourceful fashion--not only heal old wounds but bring about a happy-ever-after?

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Free Fall
Contemporary Romance
Published August 2013


Although JENNIFER GRAY’s job requires her to work with COLIN THOMAS on a sports promotion, that doesn’t mean she has to like it. He’s a pilot, skydiver, and owner of Skyway Aviation, and she's afraid of heights! But she must work with Colin for six weeks, and Colin, who knows a good thing when he sees it, uses humor, sensitivity and plain old-fashioned charm to try to convince her their relationship is just what she needs. When he volunteers to fight a forest fire as a smoke-jumper, she realizes she cares for him, but an accident during a skydiving exhibition causes a serious rift. He cancels the remaining events and disappears. Can Jennifer find him and prove her love?

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Southern Star
Published December 2012
Phyllis Humphrey & Carolann Camillo

Marilee's inheritance, the yacht Southern Star, is in default to the bank. To save it from the auction block, she decides to honor a Caribbean cruise planned for two couples. But with no captain available, she's forced to approach Gary, a man she once loved but refused to marry. He agrees to skipper the cruise, but only if she comes along as crew. In addition to the danger of succumbing again to Gary's charm and good looks, she has other problems. Trying to sell the yacht, the discovery of forgery, and the appearance of an unexpected visitor make the excursion anything but sea-worthy. Will the romantic but rocky voyage rekindle their love or scuttle if forever?

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Also, a limited supply of an autographed, hard cover edition with dust jacket, is available for $5 plus postage by emailing phyllis@phyllishumphrey.com


Stranger in Paradise
Published March 2012

DANA GIFFORD, assistant manager of a hotel in Hawaii, has good reasons to avoid the handsome stranger, MATT HAMPTON who arrives in the islands.  If his company buys her hotel, she'll lose her job.  Nevertheless, they fall in love and Dana realizes this is the real thing.  Then, a tsunami hits the islands and severely damages the hotel of Dana's best friend.  Dana asks Matt to help in solving the financial crisis, but that precipitates even more trouble.  Believing Matt has deliberately sabotaged her friend, Dana is devastated and regrets allowing herself to fall in love with him.  But can love find a way to solve the problem and let Matt stay in paradise with Dana?

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A Review from DesertLover, as posted on Amazon.com

I like stories set in places I haven't been. "Stranger" is a fun read and I could identify with the heroine - she wanted to get away from the place where a previous love affair had occurred, so she went to Hawaii. Sounds like something I would do.

There, she met a man that could make her life much harder if he chose to, but that didn't stop her from letting him know she wasn't any too fond of him. Initially, that is.

Humphrey is a skilled writer and her stories are easy reads. For romance lovers, I recommend Stranger in Paradise for a few pleasant summer afternoons.

Cold April
Published January 2011

   When ELIZABETH (BETH) SHALLCROSS, a young Englishwoman, meets RICHARD GRAHAM, a 30-year-old American widower, she agrees to act as governess to his child. Graham is returning to his own country and Beth wants to live in the U.S., where she plans to become a typist. On April 10, 1912, Beth, Richard, and three-year-old KATHLEEN board the Titanic for its maiden voyage.
   As the ship heads for New York, the three become very close, even though a young, beautiful heiress on board flirts with Richard and Beth meets handsome HARRY PALMER. However, the future of all of them depends on their surviving the ship’s collision with an iceberg, freezing water temperatures and an insufficient number of lifeboats.

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North by Northeast - (Romantic Suspense) Available in paper or as an e-book

   Drawing on personal experiences gained while on the American Orient Express, the author invents a romance set within an intrigue set within an adventure.

   Haley Parsons, a school teacher on her first real vacation in years, boards the beautiful and luxurious American Orient Express for a week-long train excursion - dubbed the Antebellum South - from New Orleans to Washington D.C.  But then her jewelry begins to disappear and she finds herself an unwitting and unwilling player in a kidnapping and robbery attempt.  The culprit is evidently aboard the train, but is he (or she) a member of the crew?  Or a passenger?  Or a stowaway?  Jonathan Shafer, Haley's handsome, newfound love interest, is involved too.  But who is he, really?  And what part will he play in all this?

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The Green Bough (Memoir)  Available in paper or as an e-book

greenIn 1913, the year after the Titanic sank and Oregon women got the vote, GLADYS HUMPHREY, daughter of a Portland, Oregon doctor, was hired to teach nine children in a one-room schoolhouse in a logger's camp in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. But, fresh out of school herself, she found this experience to be more than she bargained for.
First, there was the farm woman with whom she lived, who insisted she clean house and churn butter as well as pay for her room and board. Because of her youth, the off-site school clerk assumed she was incompetent; two of the school children, notorious for getting into trouble, liked to play with dynamite, and a farm hand tried to attack her after a New Year's Eve party. Add to that a mysterious "witch" who often hid in the woods and scared everyone, and Gladys found herself putting every ounce of her ingenuity to work.

Based on the real-life adventures of her husband's aunt, Phyllis Humphrey's book describes a year of challenges that Gladys met with pluck, independence and humor.
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The following books are out of print, but some may still be available through Amazon.com or other retailers

Tropical Nights (see below for large print

A Contemporary Romance



A Inspirational Romance






Flying High
An Inspirational Romance


A Contemporary Romance


Roman Holiday 
An Inspirational Romance


A Mainstream Novel
by Phyll Ashworth


False Pretenses
(Large print version of "Once More With Feeling)





Tropical Nights
(Large Print edition)




Free Fall (Large print version)

available at Amazon.co.uk

Romance of my Dreams
(Anthology of short stories, one by Phyllis Humphrey)








Once More With Feeling
A contemporary Romance

























Wall Street On $20 A Month


“How to Profit from an Investment Club”

Modern investment clubs started over 50 years ago and are everywhere these days. A member, and twice president, of her club for nineteen years, Ms. Humphrey shows how anyone can pool his or her resources with family, friends or co-workers, and turn as little as $20 a month (or $50 or $100) into a tidy sum to finance a child’s college education, a fabulous vacation, or a nest egg for retirement. In addition, if a club isn’t possible, Ms. Humphrey will show you how to invest small amounts of money on your own. Praises for her book came from Library journal, and Sylvia Porter’s Magazine. Named one of the ten best financial books of 1986, it has investing tips that never go out of style.

Although out-of-print for some time, used copies can sometimes be found on Amazon, plus you can read about the book on her Blog.

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